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Video Production Malaysia

Effortlessly produce high-quality video content with Moonray Labs

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Moonray's video creation process integrates smart features that facilitate a smooth and efficient video creation journey.

End to end workflow

Experience the promise of Moonray Labs workflow—an automated, simplified, and scalable video-making process with an end-to-end workflow.

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Real-time Collaboration

We’re all about working together to ensure lightning-speed and pinpoint accuracy at every step of the video creation process.

Accurate Scoping

With Moonray Labs, you’re always in the know. Our diverse scoping options ensure you understand exactly what you’re getting from the get-go. No guesswork, no uncertainty. Just seamless, efficient planning!

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Centralised Assets 

We’ve transformed video creation to be faster, easier, and more scalable! We’ve centralised all your brand and video assets, meaning they’re always at your fingertips when you need them.

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Trusted by the world’s biggest brands

"Great experience start to finish - efficient systems, quality filming and great engagement with the team!"


Be inspired by our best videos

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  • How do I raise an issue on my project?
    Whether you want to talk to your Moonray manager directly, ask for an update, or change the time of your delivery, we’ve got you covered. Don’t rush to Intercom for support immediately - all communication will be made via the activity feed in your project page. Here you can directly raise issues, provide comments and request changes with the Production Service Manager and Creators.
  • What if I require only video shooting or only video editing?
    No problem. We offer video shooting and video editing as separate services. Check out our full range of production solutions.
  • How long does it take to produce a video?
    The duration varies depending on the complexity of the project. A simple video might take a few days, while more complex projects could take weeks.
  • What is the typical budget for a video production?
    Budgets can range significantly based on the project's scope. Factors include the length of the video, the number of locations, special effects, and talent involved etc. Click here to see our rates.
  • Do I need to provide a script?
    While you can provide a script, we can also help develop one based on your ideas and objectives.
  • What types of videos can be produced?
    There's a wide range, including promotional videos, instructional videos, corporate documentaries, event coverage, and more.
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