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Thank you for contacting us and considering Moonray for your video production.

The video will focus on recapping Engie's successes in 2023 with a light reference to the company's objectives and focus for 2024.

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SIMPLE Process

 Moonray revolutionises the way video production is managed by simplifying the complexity of video production.

Create video anywhere

We help companies to create video anywhere in the world, from major cities to remote locations, with our over 1,800 professional creators located in over 900 cities.

World's leading video production 

With over 6,000 videos created for the world’s biggest Brands across multiple sectors – from Tripadvisor to Samsung, LG to Marriott – our vision to create the world’s leading cloud video production platform

End-to-end solutions

At Moonray, we specialize in facilitating the seamless production of top-tier video content. Leveraging our global network of creators and enterprise-level solutions, we empower our clients to effortlessly generate high-quality videos that resonate with their audience.



​A compelling blend of company videos, photos, and relevant stock footage and images will be artfully combined with overlay text graphics to showcase the company's successes and achievements in 2023.

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The tone of the video is professional, informative, and positive. It conveys a sense of responsibility, care, and progress while highlighting the achievements and initiatives in these areas. 

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Business Meeting

Key messages

  1. Health and Safety

  2. HR initiatives / achievements

  3. Business highlights (e.g., growth strategies with our business verticals – Date Centre, Real-Estate, Industries, Solar)

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Bussinessman in Modern Office

Our offer:

 End-to-end services including:
- Creative direction

- Storyboard

- Scriptwriting
- Copywriting for text overlay
- Providing relevant stock footages 
- Voice over

- Editing
- Motion graphic
- BG music
- 3 revisions

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City View


The vision for the video is to create a compelling narrative that showcases the company's commitments.

It involves a visually engaging presentation that combines video footage, photos, overlay text, and infographics to effectively communicate key messages. This will be supported by a professional voice-over to narrate the script, creating a complete video that aims to inspire, inform, and engage the audience, while highlighting the company's successes and future aspirations.

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The video will open with a dynamic and engaging introduction, setting the tone for a recap of the company's achievements in 2023. It will then seamlessly transition into showcasing key moments and successes, using a combination of provided photos and carefully selected stock imagery to enhance the visual storytelling.

The narrative will be driven by impactful copywriting, highlighting the company's commitment to Health and Safety, HR initiatives and achievements, as well as business highlights

Each section will be accompanied by visually compelling imagery and text to reinforce the key messages.

The video will maintain a lively pace, ensuring that the audience remains engaged throughout. As the recap of 2023 concludes, the focus will shift towards the company's objectives and focus for 2024. This transition will be seamless, providing a glimpse of the future while celebrating the achievements of the past year.

The voice-over will bring the script to life and engage the audience, ensuring that the message is effectively communicated. With the help of a professional voice-over, the project will be elevated to a higher level of quality and professionalism, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.


The music soundtrack will complement the visuals, enhancing the emotional impact of the content. It will be carefully selected to evoke a sense of pride, optimism, and motivation, aligning with the overall tone of the video.

For the shorter versions intended for social media, key highlights and messages will be condensed into impactful 30-second and 1-minute videos, optimized for online engagement.

Overall, the video will serve as a powerful and inspiring visual journey, celebrating achievements, and setting the stage for future success.

Storytelling Approach



Briefly introduce the overarching theme of the video, emphasizing the company's commitment to health and safety, HR initiatives, and business highlights.


Health and Safety:

  • Highlight the company's dedication to maintaining a safe and healthy work environment.

  • Showcase specific safety protocols, training initiatives, and success stories related to health and safety.


HR Initiatives/Achievements:

  • Show the company's HR initiatives, such as employee development programs, diversity and inclusion efforts, and talent retention strategies.

  • Share success stories and achievements related to HR initiatives, emphasizing the positive impact on employees and the organization.


Business Highlights:

  • Explore the company's key business highlights, focusing on growth strategies within different business verticals (Data Centre, Real-Estate, Industries, Solar).

  • Highlight specific achievements, milestones, and innovative approaches that have contributed to the success of each business vertical.



  • Summarize the key points and achievements across health and safety, HR initiatives, and business highlights.

  • End with a forward-looking message, expressing optimism and determination for future success.


Sample Works

Animated Text

Our approach to animated text overlay is to support the narration of the video and emphasize key messages. In terms of the visual approach, we aim to keep it simple and modern, aligning with the company's brand identity.

Our goal for text overlay is to be effective enough that the video can convey messages to viewers even without sound.




Thank you for taking the time to review our treatment. We are excited about the potential of this project and look forward to the opportunity to bring our vision to life.

FEB 2, 2024

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