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Be a Moonray Labs Creator

Moonray Labs has created over 2,500 videos and sparked more than 4,000 job opportunities! And guess what? We're just hitting our stride. As we keep rocking the video scene, the doors keep swinging wide open for our thriving Global Creator Community. With every video, we're not just hitting 'play' on content - we're hitting 'play' on boundless opportunities. So, why wait? Dive into the exciting world of MoonrayLabs and let's create something amazing together!

Take full advantage of a state-of-the-art workflow platform and connect with our vibrant global community of creative minds

Manage everything online

Experience the future of video creation with Moonray Labs, all from the comfort of your digital device! Every step of the process is handled online, ensuring everything you need is just a click away. Communication, storage, reviews, delivery – all in one sleek, easy-to-navigate place.

Checking the news online

Leave the paperwork to us

As soon as you wrap up a job, it zooms off for final processing and payment. No more drowning in paperwork - just more speed, less fuss, and quicker payments.

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Creation on the go

Track your jobs and find your gigs anywhere with our Creator platform.


Creators that are now in demand

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Creator Producer

Seize the unique opportunity to produce content for the world’s biggest brands from all industries.



Specialize in creating custom video content for the world's top brands across various industries.

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Color Grading

Enhance and refine the visual appeal of video content created for world-renowned brands across all industries



Create video content customised for the world’s biggest brands from all industries.


Storyboard Artist

Craft visual narratives and storyboards for video content specifically tailored to the world's major brands across a range of industries


3D Animator

Create custom, immersive 3D animated content specifically for major global brands in various sectors.


Motion Graphic

Create Motion graphic with the biggest brands in the growing global Virtual and Live Stream Events industry.


Drone Operator

Operate drones to create unique and tailored video content for prominent international brands across multiple sectors.


Live Stream Producer

Create videos with the biggest brands in the growing global Virtual and Live Stream Events industry.

Ready to start?

Click below to create your Moonray Labs creator profile.

  • How do I raise an issue on my project?
    Whether you want to talk to your Moonray manager directly, ask for an update, or change the time of your delivery, we’ve got you covered. Don’t rush to Intercom for support immediately - all communication will be made via the activity feed in your project page. Here you can directly raise issues, provide comments and request changes with the Production Service Manager and Creators.
  • What if I require only video shooting or only video editing?
    No problem. We offer video shooting and video editing as separate services. Check out our full range of production solutions.
  • How long does it take to produce a video?
    The duration varies depending on the complexity of the project. A simple video might take a few days, while more complex projects could take weeks.
  • What is the typical budget for a video production?
    Budgets can range significantly based on the project's scope. Factors include the length of the video, the number of locations, special effects, and talent involved etc. Click here to see our rates.
  • Do I need to provide a script?
    While you can provide a script, we can also help develop one based on your ideas and objectives.
  • What types of videos can be produced?
    There's a wide range, including promotional videos, instructional videos, corporate documentaries, event coverage, and more.
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