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5 Solutions to the Most Common Video Marketing Challenges

1. Have your script reviewed by our professional scriptwriter:

Writing a script for video is very different from anything else you may have written in the past. For example, a story that reads well as text will sound completely different in a video production. The tone, flow, and feel requires a different approach.

2. Choosing the best video company for your budget range.

Choosing the lowest bid is not always the best choice. This is particularly true with any creative endeavour. Seek out the ideas and proposal that best fit your company’s budget and don’t be easily tempted by the absolute low offer.

3. Be open to the expertise and advice of experienced video producers.

Collaboration is critical and this includes your video production provider. A balanced exchange of ideas and concepts will ensure that your video production experience is a positive one. The result will be a marketing video which you can be proud of.

4. Your story doesn’t have a beginning, middle and end

Your story should follow these three simple steps:

- The beginning: Problem

Start your story by outlining the problems your customers face. This is a crucial step in grabbing your customers attention right away, because they’ll instantly be able to relate to what you’re talking about.

- The middle: Solution

The solution is you. This is the middle of the video in which you start talking about those benefits that I mentioned above. Show them how you are their solution.

- The end: Call to action

The end of the video should be your call-to-action. Whether it’s call you, sign up for your newsletters or download your app, leave your viewers with clear instructions on what they should do next. Check out this video from our friends at Vessel. The video clearly follows these 3 simple steps and does so in an engaging way!

5. It’s too long

The length of your video is important because people have pretty short attention spans. I mean, I’m rather impressed that you made it this far down my blog post!

According to Visible Measures you’ll lose 1/3 of your viewers after 30 seconds, 45% of people will drop by 1 minute and 60% will be gone by 2 minutes.

Think about the key points that you want to include in your video, rather than trying to get across every single thing there is to know about your product.

It’s important not to rush the voiceover or the animation either. They both need to complement each other – like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich – so you don’t lose the attention of your audience.


An explainer video really can help you tell your story and connect with your audience, so it’s important that what you end up with is a professional piece of content.

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