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Create a high-quality video on a low budget

Updated: Jan 7

Creating high-quality videos is not always easy for smaller businesses. Video production easily ends up being an expensive affair. It requires talents, camera crew, gaffers, studio rentals, makeup artist, equipments rental and etc. However, stock footage seeks to bridge this gap; enabling large corporations as well as small businesses to produce studio quality videos without the price tag to boot. All that’s needed is hire video editor for actually editing the videos and a bunch of asset libraries.

Whether you are using stock footage for marketing videos, ads or promo videos, it’s a great solution for transitions or simply to add footage during a voice-over. It appeals to a wider audience, they’re used from small video production to large movie production like Hollywood. Here is the deal: Are you a tech company? A sports drink organization? Or maybe a restaurant that wants to showcase its latest dishes... Having a video ad on social media to explain your product or brand can drive customers in your direction. Using a mix of music, voice-over, footage, motion graphics and sound effects, we can create a video ad that will connect with your audience and speak your message. Don't have any footage? Not a problem, we have access to over 100,000 stock footage clips and images.

The process is easy with 5 simple steps!

1. You place an order.

2. We write a script that is approved by you.

3. You select the voice over talent.

4. We create and deliver the video ad.

5. You let us know if there are any revisions before the final approval.

Contact us to get a quote. Whatsapp: +60 12 361 86 10

Check out our examples and let's work together!

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