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How Interview-style Videos can Benefit your Business

In 2020, more companies will turn to on-camera interviews for recruiting and marketing purposes, but also to create engaging internal content for employee training and sales enablement. Oftentimes, people see the word “interview” and get filled with anxiety, imagining a formal setting that feels more like an interrogation than a chat. In reality, an interview is just an opportunity to share a story in a Q&A format. Video interviews add personality to any story your business seeks to share. Still, in order to see the opportunities, you may have to reframe the way you think about interviews. Consider all the questions you might ask at work in the course of a day or the questions new hires typically ask company veterans. These types of natural, authentic inquiries lend themselves to a video interview, which can provide answers in an engaging and relatable way.

Let’s look at some of the most common work scenarios that can be turned into valuable video content:

Employee interviews. Your employees are critical to company success; they’re a reflection of its culture, too. Highlighting them in videos puts a face on your brand, giving customers and prospective employees a behind-the-scenes glimpse of your everyday work environment. Employee interviews allow you to show the world what kind of people you want working for you, and they can also be used to subtly discourage poor-fit job seekers from applying. For example, if your company culture is hands-off and values proactive self-starters, an interview with a current employee can help reveal that information to job seekers who might be looking for more structure.

Customer interviews. A thoughtful customer interview can be far more compelling than a typical testimonial. Without an interviewer to guide the conversation, testimonials tend to feel bland or choppy, especially because most customers aren’t used to articulating the value they’ve experienced from a company’s product or service. You know your customers best. During an interview, you can point them in the right direction, getting to the heart of an experience or the benefits you want to convey.

Founder interviews. Every business has an origin story. If you think yours isn’t that special, it’s likely you’re too immersed in bringing it to life to fully see the intriguing narrative elements. Especially in today’s hustle culture, people love to hear stories about how entrepreneurs got started and the challenges they’ve overcome. These kinds of interviews can make you and your company more relatable and human. They’re a great opportunity to share the emotion behind a brand, as well as its mission, vision and values with both internal and external audiences.

Whether used to help customers understand a challenging product or service and all of its benefits, or providing authentic testimonials that show customers that others feel very strongly about your product or service, video interviews can be used in various ways to boost customer loyalty and brand awareness for your business. Branded video interviews are important to your success as a brand for so many different reasons. If you’d rather outsource your on-camera interview needs, Dream Engine can help!

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