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RFC GYM Killing It with Video Marketing

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

RFC GYM offers full-body, high-intensity, strength and conditioning group classes. We worked with them to create a series of videos to nurture prospective leads into becoming class attendees. In particular, we broke down their roster of different classes, and turned highlight video. Check out these 15-second social content videos we created specifically for social media to promote each class individually.

We work with so many amazing organizations in different industries and fields. It’s inspiring to see all sorts of businesses use the power of video to their benefit. No matter what type of company you are or what field you work in, you have a story to tell.

You can use this same strategy to nurture your prospects by providing multiple pieces of content over a series of days. By hitting them with different content the right amount of times, you’re that many times more likely to stoke their interest and convince them to give you a shot.

How can video help promote your organization?

It’s time to find out! Whether you would show your product and services or real life testimonials and interviews with customers and employees, your message will be loud and clear with the right video. Let us help you get the process started! WhatsApp: +6012 361 8610

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