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Video Marketing Strategy: Benchmarks for Success

Forty-four percent of companies with successful video marketing programs point to the lack of an effective strategy as the most challenging obstacle to video marketing success.

But how have these companies overcome this strategic barrier to success?

To find out, Vidyard in partnership with Ascend2 fielded the Video Marketing Strategy Survey and completed interviews with business, marketing and sales professionals from around the globe.

The charts in this edition of the study, titled Video Marketing Strategy Benchmarks for Success, represent the opinions of the 228 survey respondents who are successfully achieving important objectives with video marketing. We thank them for sharing their valuable insights.

What are the MOST IMPORTAN OBJECTIVES of an effective video marketing strategy?

A successful video marketing strategy begins with a roadmap to a desired destination. The most important destinations or objectives for companies with successful video marketing strategies focus on customer education, brand awareness and online engagement.

Video has been proven to improve lead qualification and nurturing, but less than 1⁄4 of marketers are focusing on this use for video. This is a strong opportunity for marketers to use video consumption data to help qualify leads and nurture leads with content based on this data.

What are the MOST IMPORTANT USES OF TECHNOLOGY in video marketing?

An effective video marketing strategy includes technology planning. While content creation is a basic requirement, distribution and hosting, and reporting and analytics technology simplifies campaign execution and measuring the performance of successful video marketing programs.

The majority of marketers are using technology to track video marketing success. However, less than 20% of marketers are using this data-enabled technology to guide their lead nurturing. Video data integrated into marketing automation or CRM platforms offers a particularly large opportunity to see into lead behavior and intent. You can see which videos leads are watching, how long they’re watching for, and what they’ve re-watched.

What are the MOST CHALLENGING OBSTACLES to video marketing success?

The lack of an effective strategy, and an inadequate video budget, are the most challenging obstacles to video marketing success. Without the organizational buy-in and leadership commitment required to provide sufficient funding, even the most effective strategy will fail.

Video strategy is a common hurdle for marketers, but often more because video is siloed into its own component of the marketing department. The real value of video arises when used in conjunction with other marketing activities and is seamlessly integrated with marketers’ overall strategies.

The second hurdle: lack of budget may actually be a false or misinterpreted obstacle. A lot of great videos are created with little to zero budget using a consumer-grade camera, in-house actors, and editing programs that come native to your computer.

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