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What is PockeTVC? Join Facebook for a special webinar to improve your digital content!

What is PockeTVC and what are the best practices for creating PockeTVC content? We’re excited to share another fantastic opportunity for Genero filmmakers to join the Facebook team for a special Webinar on Wednesday August 16th. 

As a Facebook Marketing Partner, we’re committed to helping our clients and filmmakers create more compelling and effective content. Hosted by Facebook Creative Shop, the Webinar is an exciting opportunity for filmmakers with an interest in digital and social media to get practical tips on creating PockeTVC content, including the editing, design and visual tricks that will make your videos stand out in mobile feeds.

To give yourself the best chance of getting commissioned by Facebook and other clients on upcoming PockeTVC briefs, make sure you register now.

The Webinar will be happening on Wednesday August 16th from 1:30PM-2:45PM Singapore Standard Time. You’ll need to register to attend and include ‘Genero’ as the referral partner, so make sure you click through to the register page to view the times in your part of the world and sign up.

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