The Science

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The Science

Crystal, or mineral, elixirs are actually a thing – and they work!

Mineral Elixirs work in several different ways:

The mineral elixirs work as cell regenerators that emit waves through the ion channels into the cell nucleus. Ion channels are membrane pores that control the electric charge entering and leaving the cell. So channels react to electricity, which is what controls many bodily functions. The role of ion channels is to open and close the cell pores to modify the fluids inside the cell. Through these channels, cells receive the waves from the gentle mineral elixirs, which then harmonize the disturbed waves in the cell. The chemical elements of each mineral used produces unique electrical actions that each positively impact your health.

Certain enzymes are vital for our bodies to be able to activate the chemical reactions that we need. Without these enzymes, physiological reactions can’t happen, and that leads to disease. Mineral elixirs allow the enzyme reactions to take place by diffusing small, but vital doses of minerals into our systems.

Research in Switzerland, Belgium, Germany and France have demonstrated that mineral elixirs can also have a decollating effect. Quite often in our modern society, our lifestyle, food, chemical processing, pollution, etc., create a blockage called “Chelation”. Decollation is a very effective therapeutic tool for detoxifying the body.

Mineral elixirs act like vitamins and other food complements, adding strength and vitality to the body.

They also work in many other, more esoteric, ways.